Massage by Jenny Dynes, LMT

Jenny Dynes

Jenny Dynes is a Holistic Health Practitioner and licensed Massage Therapist. 

Jenny provides a nurturing approach to awaken the body.  It is her passion to introduce the benefits of massage for well-being and optimum health.  She is specialized in working with clients individually to develop custom treatment plans to improve circulation, develop better balance and coordination,  increase flexibility, and promote relaxation.

Services Offered

Custom Massages

10 Minutes – $15.00
(Great to get before or after an adjustment)

30 Minutes – $40.00

60 Minutes – $65.00

90 Minutes – $95.00

Add-ons are available for all of the custom massages. They include a foot scrub for $15.00 and aromatherapy for $15.00.

Specialized Treatments


Promotes healing by stimulating predefined pressure points on the feet and hands.
35 Minute Session – $40.00

Deep Tissue Massage:

Targets deep layers of muscle tissue to relieve muscle pain and increases range of motion by using direct pressure.
30 Minutes – $45.00
60 Minutes – $70.00

Sports Massage:

Focused massage for athletes, targeting specific areas of overuse to enhance performance.
30 Minutes – $45.00
60 Minutes – $75.00

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