Chiropractic for Kids

Many parents out there don’t even think about bringing their children to the Chiropractor unless they have a specific complaint.  How many times does your child come to you and tell you that they have back pain.  It is pretty infrequent, right?  Or at all?  However, unknown to many parents, Chiropractic treatment offers numerous amazing benefits to infants and growing children.  Just like adults, children have a spine and a nervous system too, and ensuring that it is functioning properly has an untold advantage to the growth and development of these children.  Here are just a few for thought…  

Chronic Ear Infections  

Studies have found that children that experience regular Chiropractic treatment are much less prone to ear infections.  Research has been showing that minor injuries of the spinal cord in children leads to pain in the ears.  Sometimes, this will lead to infections of the ear canal due to the lack of coordination between the ear and the brain.  

Colic / Acid Reflux  

Many infants suffer from pain associated with colic.  This occurs due to a dysfunction between the nervous system and that of the digestive organs.  This dysfunction triggers a reaction from the body that can actually lead to your infant suffering from colic pain and or acid-reflux issues.  

Asthma, Allergies, and other Breathing Difficulties  

When the muscles of the neck become tight and inflamed, this puts extra pressure on the lymphatic system.  This can cause the immune system to become overloaded.  Adjustments allow the neck muscles to relax, allowing for the improvement of the respiratory system.  This in turn can improve symptoms of asthma, allergies, bronchitis, and other breathing problems.  

Behavioral Problems (ADD / ADHD)  

Although Chiropractors do not treat behavioral problems in children directly, having proper alignment in the spine does remove major stresses.  These stressors can lead to the child being easily irritated or problems focusing.  

Improves Immunity  

The main principle of Chiropractic is to remove any interference within the nervous system.  This allows the body to function the WAY IT IS MEANT TO!  Having proper communication between the brain and the body can lead to the reduction of occurrences of several general illnesses that kids get.    

Encourages Good Spinal Posture  

The spine is our internal structure, so of course we want it to develop correctly, that is why it is so important to begin good postural habits while we are young.  Let’s face it, we all suffer from a spinal trauma immediately…it’s called birth!   

Heals Breastfeeding Problems  

Subtle dysfunction within the spinal cord can make it difficult for your baby to develop proper suction / latching habits.  Chiropractic helps remove this interference and lead to healthy development of these natural habits.  

“A clinical health series of 114 patients with sub-optimal infant breast feeding at ages 12 weeks or younger was performed.  Of the 114 babies in the case series, 89 (or 78%) were exclusively breast-fed after four chiropractic treatments.” – Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics (JMPT), 2009  

Promotes Overall Health and Well-being  

As children are growing and developing, stress and strain is inflicted on the spine as well.  From learning to crawl to walking, experiencing growth spurts, going to school, wearing heavy backpacks, roughhousing, playing sports, etc.  This all has an effect on our spine.  Many spinal problems that adults experience take years to develop, and more often than not, these problems begin when they are adolescents.  That is why it is so important for children to have normal check-ups, so they can grow into healthy adults.

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