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Inline Chiropractic Group Fees – Sierra Vista, AZ

Insurance -   We are contracted with most insurance companies.  As such, we have agreed to take their reduced contracted rate.  You will be expected to pay your co-pay at the time of service.  Because each patient has an individualized plan, rates may vary.  We will call your insurance company, verify your coverage, and let you know what it will cost for your 1st visit and subsequent visits.

Cash - For those paying cash we have a great New Patient Special for $95.  It is all inclusive.  It covers:  Consultation, Examination, Any and all necessary x-rays, and The Chiropractic Adjustment.  It also includes your Report of Findings to go over your x-rays on your second visit. 

Why X-rays?  X-rays are a valuable tool for the doctor.  There are certain things that the doctor cannot feel and that only show up on x-ray.  X-rays can also rule out more serious conditions.  They assist us in developing the most effective treatment plan for you.

**If the doctor does not need x-rays, the charge for the 1st visit will only be $60 for our cash patients.

For Subsequent visits we charge $40 per adjustment for cash.  We also have a package rate which brings down the per visit charge to $35 instead of the $40.  

If you have questions, we encourage you to set up a no obligation consultation with the doctor.  Consultation is absolutely free!  We want you to feel comfortable with your chiropractic choice.  The doctor will tell you right then and there if he feels he can help you, what it will entail and what it will cost.

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