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Reviews From our Satisfied Patients:

Kris H:

I have been a patient of Inline Chiropractic since 2008, at which time Dr. Clyde Zerba began treating back pain that resulted from 30 years' Army service and 40 years of competitive running.  After seeking pain relief through numerous visits to physical therapists, pain management intervention clinics, and regular doctors visits through the years, as a last resort, I investigated/researched chiropractic as a possible "cure" to the considerable pain that I experienced on a daily basis.  I discovered that locating and being treated by a Palmer Graduate, the leading Chiropractic school in the country, was key.  I then researched Palmer Graduates in the Cochise County area, and discovered Dr. Zerba.  That was a pivotal point in my life.  Through his assessment, diagnoses, treatments and adjustments, I discovered for the first time in many years what living without pain felt like.  Through regular "maintenance" treatments administered by Dr. Zerba, my life absolutely changed.  I can now do that which I previously thought would never be possible again.  My only regret was that I didn't look to chiropractic sooner in my life and opted instead to go by the "conventional wisdom" imparted by the medical community, which I discovered did not correct the problem and, at best, served as a temporary, band-aid approach toward quality of life.  I am happy to share that after ten years, my back is the healthiest it has been since my 20s, before all of the wear and tear on my spine and disks commenced.  I now receive weekly - biweekly adjustments from Dr. Clyde Zerba and, more recently, Dr. Lucas Zerba who has thankfully chosen to join the family business.  You will find that both of these fine doctors genuinely care for their patients, are dedicated to their profession, are profoundly knowledgeable, and, simply put, are the best in their field.  I consider myself very blessed to have been in their care for over ten years now.

Connie Whitacre:

"I started seeing Dr. Zerba several years ago when I was 16 years old. I had taken a fall off a horse and hit the back of my neck. I was in PAIN. My right arm (I’m right handed) wasn’t functioning. It was swollen, blue and I couldn’t even pinch my fingers together, much less do the simplest task such as hold a pen. My mom took me to the hospital and they scared me. They wanted to perform electric shock on me. We left.

Mom found Dr. Zerba in the phone book and took me to see him. I had never been to a chiropractor before, so I had no idea of what to expect. I was so happy. Dr. Zerba was willing to help me by doing something natural, no electric shock. He was fantastic! He adjusted me three times a week in the beginning. He even came in on his own time just to adjust me. I wasn’t just a number. He really cared about what’s going on. He listened to me when others didn’t. This made a huge difference to me.

My arm got back to normal. My livelihood is ceramics. I make my living painting with my right hand. If it wasn’t for Dr. Zerba there is no way I could do it. I noticed over time that my stomach problems cleared up also. I try to get adjusted every two weeks for maintenance.

Recently, I was involved in a car accident. The traditional doctors only offered me drugs to mask the pain, but I don’t think anything would have gotten better without seeing Dr. Zerba. He helped me begin to repair what’s wrong, not just cover up the pain.

My experience has been so positive that my entire family sees Dr. Zerba. My son, J.R. sees him for his asthma. My youngest daughter has been under care since she was one week old. I have noticed that my kids are MUCH healthier and get fewer ear infections and get sick, less often, in comparison to my friends’ children.

My advice to others is: “You owe it to yourselves to find out what’s going on inside your body because it makes a world of difference. If you don’t you’re probably not living life to it’s fullest!!!”

Dustin Brown:

"I first came in to see Dr. Zerba because I had really bad lower back pain. I was also getting sick a lot and had many headaches, at least one every three days. On top of all that, I had asthma since I was five years old.

I could not play many sports because of my asthma and the lower back pain. I even had to call into work because it hurt so much. I was very worried that I wouldn’t be able to do the things the average young male could do such as sports, work, and walk without pain.

The only medication I took was for the asthma. I used an inhaler very often, sometimes several times a day. I always had to have it with me because I never knew when an attack would come on.

It took lots of convincing to go to see Dr. Zerba because I was honestly clueless on the profession. My first impressions were very good because everybody in the office including the doctor had a smile on their face and were very outgoing and happy.

My results are great. I very rarely encounter lower back pain and best of all my asthma is completely gone. I can now play sports and go on about my daily activities without any worries or pain, and it only took me about a year to achieve this great goal. I never thought in a million years my asthma would get any better, only worse. And now, I haven’t had to use my inhaler in over a year.

I tell people about all the great things in my life. I feel chiropractic is a new young profession, which will rise in popularity very quickly because it honestly works miracles! Chiropractic is one of the best things in my life and I will never turn my back on it!"

Joan Gentry:

"The sciatic nerve in my lower back was pinched off. I had pain in my lower back and down both legs and feet. For two years it was so bad it was all I could do to walk from the bed to the kitchen. Everyday on a pain scale of 1-10, the pain was a 10! My spine was really bad.

This affected every aspect of my life because I could hardly walk. I was frustrated and worried. I thought I was heading for a wheel chair. I went to a neurosurgeon who said nothing was wrong, but I still had almost two and a half years of pain.

I think Dr. Zerba is a gift from God. His staff are angels, so much support and so kind.

Now I’m walking! Almost two and a half years of pain! Also, I had a heart attack in the same time frame. I didn’t know I had very little blood flow to the legs.

I’m still seeing Dr. Zerba. If he leaves I’m going to be heartbroken. If not for Dr. Zerba, Dr. Goldberg and Dr. Gladden, my Cardiologists, I wouldn’t be here, much less walking.

Chiropractic has improved my life immensely. I walk and I enjoy my life. I used to watch people walking and thought how much we take for granted. I remember the day I was at Walmart, had been walking around, and realized I wasn’t in pain anymore. What a wonderful and amazing moment!

I have more energy. I have always had a positive attitude, but my family says I’m a lot more positive and optimistic now.

I am telling others about my experience with chiropractic. It’s the best thing I ever did! This is the best I have felt in 25 years!"

Lt. Paul M. Martell:

"I consulted Inline Chiropractic because my tailbone was 1 centimeter out of alignment and poking out towards my backside. It was misaligned when I tore a muscle in my back in the summer of 2011. I had pain in my lower back, tail bone, hips and buttocks. I experienced the pain, every day for three months and the pain intensified daily to extreme. I couldn’t sit for very long. My drive to work is one hour in and one hour back everyday. I couldn’t watch a movie in the theatre without pain. I stood for almost three months to ease the pain. I took lots of acetaminophen. I was angry and a bit scared not knowing what was wrong. The M.D. informed me there was nothing he could do and told me to go see an orthopedic surgeon.  I didn’t want to stand the rest of my life.

I consulted Inline Chiropractic because I couldn’t take the pain anymore and it was beginning to cripple me. I was willing to try anything to stop the pain…except surgery. I found the practice very professional, but still warm and compassionate. The staff are the nicest, friendliest people I have ever met in the medical profession. Dr. Lucas is very cool. He knows his stuff. He fixed me when no one else did. But, he is still down to earth and likeable (two thumbs up!).

After the initial intensive treatment I continued to get regular adjustments. I have come in once a week for the last year and a half. I went to the free information orientation class with Dr. Clyde. I read the pamphlets and went to the online site for frequent updates. I have little to no pain, and when I do, I go in and Dr. Lucas fixes it. He is amazing and I don’t give compliments easily. I can sit again with my family and enjoy a movie or show. I can go to work without pain and suffering. I can work out again! I am sleeping better. I feel much better without my back all kinked up. I am enjoying my life again!

I referred my wife, who is now seeing Dr. Lucas, and at least three fellow officers to the practice. I would have told you all two years ago that it was Vodoo-Hodoo stuff with no real effects. I was sorely wrong! I have learned a bunch about my issues and that it all is connected to my spine. Dr. Lucas and Dr. Clyde fixed an almost impossible injury with little or no pain to me. They are amazing! I am sold on the theory of chiropractic. I advocate to all my friends and family, go see them before you write off any injury or soreness!! I have never felt better and plan to continue with adjustments to keep my quality of life high. Thank you Dr. Lucas and Inline staff for doing what you do!"

Guy Butler:

"I suffered from chronic lower back pain. I had been in severe pain for at least six to nine months. I also had numbness and tingling radiating down into my leg and foot. Some mornings, I literally had to roll out of bed. This was the worst pain in my life.

I first came in for a consultation and x-rays with Dr. Zerba. He told me he could help and what it was going to take to fix it, but I was still skeptical. It would also be money out of my pocket. So I didn’t start chiropractic care. Instead, I waited. Later, I consulted a neurologist who basically gave me the exact diagnosis as Dr. Zerba. The neurologist was going to set me up for physical therapy. In the meantime, the pain progressed so I went back to Dr. Zerba. By this time, four months had passed since my first consultation with Dr. Zerba.

I’m the kind of person that has to be hospitalized before seeing a Doctor. I finally came in to see Dr. Zerba because I could no longer tolerate the pain. I said if someone could guarantee that I would no longer have the back pain, I would let them cut off my hand. The pain was that bad!

What can I say about my results? Well, this was the best decision! I have a very high pain tolerance. For me to spend the money out of pocket, I had to be in serious pain. The pain is gone and I have a normal life again.

On a follow-up visit to the neurologist, I told him how well I was doing. He said to forget the physical therapy and continue with the chiropractic.

I tell those who ask about chiropractic and about my experience. It worked for me!"

Marilyn Johnson:

"I’ve always had a positive outlook on life and an appreciation and gratitude for how lucky I have been in my life. I often think of people going through health problems and how it affects and paralyzes their lives. When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer I spent three days crying, but then I thought if I had ten days to live I just wasted three of them. So my message is: Don’t waste a day and be happy every day.

I had started chemotherapy for my cancer in October 2007, when suddenly, on Oct. 31, 2007, I was involved in an automobile accident that severely fractured my L1 vertebra.

I spent the next ten days flat on my back in the hospital. They were looking for a rest home for me because I had not been to the bathroom on my own. That was not a good thing for me to hear because I had to put my mother in a rest home and it was not where I wanted to go (I still had that fighting spirit in me that said no!). Once they showed me where the bathroom was I showed them! Then, I was able to go home.

I was still under chemotherapy and needed a third operation; therefore, I was not able to get care for my back, so I spent the next five months in a wheelchair. I started walking again but I was really stooped over due to my back pain and discomfort.

Several friends told me about Dr. Zerba and his staff so I made an appointment in September 2008. After the first visit and consultation, I knew Dr. Zerba could help me. I was excited! It has been quite some time, but now I can stand straight. I still have a way to go but I’m on the right path. When you can’t move it affects your outlook on life. Now my attitude is back, I am moving normally. In fact, when people look at me they don’t have a clue what I have been through, and I like it!

My insurance only covered my care for the several months of intensive chiropractic care, but I chose to stay under care on an ongoing wellness care program (the Chiro Club). It is a part of my lifelong support system."

Dan Garland:

"I began chiropractic care for sciatica and low back pain. The sciatic pain traveled from my right hip into my leg and down to the foot. My right hip was going numb. This was constant. I was uncomfortable most of the time. I could not get a good night’s sleep. The lack of sleep made me tired most of the time. I do a lot of walking and climbing at work and it became difficult to do my job. I’ve had back problems for over 20 years. I had just accepted this as part of getting older.

My friends and co-workers had good results and they highly recommended Dr. Zerba so I consulted him. I found Dr. Zerba to be very professional and thorough. Dr. Zerba and his staff were excellent, friendly, accommodating and caring.

The first two weeks of treatment resulted in a 100% improvement. Since I started treatment to the present time (approximately one year) I have better flexibility and movement throughout my entire body. I was expecting relief from the pain. I received relief from the first visit/treatment and continued to get better with each treatment. I now have much more energy.

I tell others about chiropractic. I was skeptical at first. I really didn’t think chiropractic could fix anything, but I was proven wrong. It’s nice to know it really works! I now believe it has been a great help to overall comfort. Besides my main complaint, chiropractic has relieved most of my minor aches and pains."

Connie Templeton:

"I came to see Dr. Zerba because I started having really bad headaches. I had frequent bronchitis, allergy problems, and sinus infections. The headaches occurred on a daily basis and I had migraines at least once a month. The bronchitis would start in the fall when the heads on the weeds would come up. Whenever the weather would change my allergies and sinuses would start up. I took lots of medicine. I would go to the hospital and they would always give me something to take.

I provide childcare in my home and I found it was hard to take care of the children properly because you can’t put as much time and effort into it as you do when you are healthy. I cared for Dr. Zerba’s children and I noticed his children were healthier than the other children I watched. So, I decided to give chiropractic a try.

My results have been amazing. I started feeling much better almost immediately. I no longer have the daily headaches or the migraines. The change of weather no longer triggers allergies and I haven’t had bronchitis in years. I’m a 56 year-old woman and I can outdo these 30 year-old women at the church.

One thing I wasn’t expecting was how healthy I have become. I rarely get sick anymore and I don’t get what the children have. I get adjusted every two weeks and have done this for years.

I tell everybody when they start complaining of health problems to go see a chiropractor. Of course I have a preference of chiropractors. I had one friend who had made an appointment to see another chiropractor and I told her about my experience with Dr. Zerba and she cancelled her appointment and came in to see Clyde instead! "

Amy (Mom) For Vicki Lachmanek:

"When Vicki, was about one year old, she was sitting on the couch with her sister. I heard a loud noise and found Vicki laying on the floor, unconscious, blue and barely breathing. I picked her up, but couldn’t get her to respond. I rushed her to the emergency room where it was concluded that she may have had a concussion. 

Roughly three months later another “spell” occurred. I got to her room just in time to see her collapse. Again, she had blue lips and was barely breathing. I recognized the symptoms from the previous spell a few months earlier. The next spell came only about one month later. While at a pool party, Vicki literally collapsed in my arms. She again turned blue and was barely breathing. The doctor at the emergency room dismissed us after some basic checks. We went back to our pediatrician and he ordered an EEG and blood work. Everything came back negative, no explanations.

Meanwhile the spells occurred with greater frequency. We learned the hard way to avoid certain things that would trigger the spells. 1. Don’t ever wake her up too early. Adequate rest was really important. 2. Avoid excessive heat. Not easy to do in Southern Arizona. 3. Always carry along some kind of a sweetened drink (Tang or Koolaid) as it helped to stabilize her after a spell. 4. Always watch for blue lips. It was the first sign just before collapse and loss of consciousness. We literally had to change our lifestyle in order to accommodate our sick child. I remember taking my other child to her ball games and having to stay in the car with the air conditioning on because the heat would bring on Vicki’s spells.

Seeking answers, we switched pediatricians. This meant more blood work, another sleep deprivation EEG and a four-month wait to see the only pediatric neurologist in southern Arizona at UMC in Tucson. He immediately said Vicki seemed to have a vagus nerve problem. He then referred us to the cardiology department. If her heart checked out okay, then he would treat her for vagus nerve trouble. The treatment that he indicated was surgery to cut the vagus nerve that would hopefully stop the trouble.

As soon as the neurologist said “vagus nerve”, my husband knew what to do. He had been a patient of Dr. Zerba’s. We took Vicki to Dr. Zerba and she had her first adjustment. Dr. Zerba said her atlas (first bone in the spinal column) was pushed to the left and twisted. Vicki’s life improved immediately from the first adjustment. She suddenly wanted to talk, eat and play. She began to turn into a normal three-year-old. After all the time we spent doctoring and worrying, the answer was right in front of us, at Dr. Zerba’s fingertips. We knew we had found the answer with Dr. Zerba as we were finally seeing our child develop into the happy, carefree little girl we had always prayed for.

It was a slow process. If Vicki fell or got bumped, the atlas vertebra would slip out of place and put pressure on the nerve and she would have another spell. Over time her body has healed and as the atlas stayed in proper alignment she became stronger and healthier. She is now almost eight years old and it is just a memory for all of us. We don’t worry about spells or trigger factors. She continues to be adjusted once a week to maintain good health. Our family is very grateful to Dr. Zerba for all his guidance, care and effort for Vicki. He offered an easy, non-invasive solution to what could have been a very real sadness for our family. "

Albert S., M.D.:

"Each patient carries his own doctor inside him. They come to us knowing the truth. We are at our best when we give the doctor who resides within each patient a chance to work."

Kay B.:

"I was in tremendous pain when I first saw Dr. Clyde Zerba. They got me right in, took full spinal x-rays and treated me immediately. The low back pain was gone when I left. It took several more adjustments to get me back to where I was pain free. I have recommended this chiropractic office to all of my friends."

Roy L.:

"We love the staff at Inline Chiropractic. They go out of their way to remember each patient by name and ensure our needs are met. Most other offices just check you in then go on about their business. These ladies always greet you with a smile and heart of compassion! Dr. Clyde Zerba always listens to what we have to say and provides treatments to meet our needs."


"I love the doctors and office staff. They are excellent at their jobs and every time I go I leave feeling better than when I arrived. Thanks for getting me back to where I was and better."


"I loved the experience years ago for my son and I love them now for me. Such terrible pain soothed by the Zerba family. Thank you for your care."


"I have been getting adjusted by Dr. Zerba since I was about 8. I forgot how much getting adjusted did for me till I was pregnant with my second girl and was in so much pain I could hardly walk. I got adjusted and instantly started to feel better. I love how wonderful my body feels after being adjusted! Thank you Dr. Zerba and your wonderful staff!"

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