Types of care



Relief Care

Relief Care is care that is designed for short-term relief of symptoms.  Office visits will be frequent until your symptoms are reduced or eliminated.

Corrective Care

Corrective care is the care necessary not only to relieve or reduce a person’s pain or symptoms, but also to remove the actual cause of the problem.  Corrective care stabilizes your spine and promotes healing.

For example, a person might have headaches or migraines due to a misaligned vertebra in the neck which causes irritation to a nerve.  The effect may be a reduction in blood supply to the head which results in the symptom:  cause, effect, result.  Relief care focuses on the symptoms:  the headaches.  Relief care would be like taking tylenol, which, although it may temporarily alleviate the headaches, does nothing to correct the cause.  Corrective care focuses on making certain the vertebra (the cause) is corrected, and therefore, the headaches (the result) are gone.  

Wellness Care

When maximum improvement goals are reached, periodic chiropractic checkups are recommended to keep you well.  These visits can prevent new problems from becoming serious.  Wellness care is designed to keep your body functioning at its optimal potential.


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