Massage Therapy in Sierra Vista, AZ

 We Have two Licensed Massage Therapists - Thomas Blake & Kelsey Hodge

Thomas Blake, LMT

Meet Thomas

At the Fingerlakes School of Massage Thomas received his training as a massage therapist in 2013. His background in Anatomy and Physiology, as well as functional movement training gained through years of martial arts experience, has profoundly impacted his practice.

 His bodywork is focused on integrating awareness and movement by freeing patterns of muscular restriction and working with the breath. Directed in this way, the aim is to foster ease and fluidity in everyday movement.

 Treating self care as an integral tool for navigating the pressures and strains of life, he has a passion for excellence.

 So, whether you are looking to address specific concerns or to receive massage for the first time, book a session and experience the rejuvenation of a body and mind at rest.


Massage Therapist Kelsey

Meet Kelsey

Beginning with a Bachelors in Health and Wellness from Oswego College, Kelsey quickly made a reputation for herself as one who can think outside of the box.

 She was drawn into the approaches of alternative medicine where she focused her studies on promoting health as a foundation for healthcare as compared to the Western Disease model most prevalent in her field.

She went on to receive training at the Fingerlakes School of Massage for bodywork and shortly thereafter apprenticed as an herbalist at the renown Heart Stone Center for Earth Essentials. 

Kelsey has traveled far and wide in the realms of health and wellness to bring a holistic and well rounded approach to bodywork. She has dedicated herself to the refinement of her craft since 2013 and offers sessions that are focused on therapeutic techniques which induce deep relaxation and shift the nervous system into its natural state of rest.

 Book a session and come experience the incredible bodywork of this gifted therapist.

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